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Testimonials of partners

Anca Ignat, licensed nutritionist (European Union)

I am routinely using this nutrigenetic test, which allows me to:
- Design meal plans in order to reduce the risk of metabolic disorders associated with my clients' genetic background
- Integrate nutritional supplements into their diet plans, in order to optimize their calorie intakes without sacrificing their needs in micronutrients
- Recommend biochemical assessments based on their discovered risks for metabolic imbalances
- Indicate and prescribe optimal physical activity
- Provide adequate nutrition to my female clients who plan to become pregnant or who are already breast feeding their babies.

Cerasela Bulmez, MS, PhD, licensed nutritionist (European Union)

I have been studying nutrition and practicing it day by day for 13 years, enough time to see and analyze thousands of nutritional profiles for both healthy people and in those having various metabolic diseases.

The nutrigenetic test allowed me to significantly improve my diet protocols, and to accurately apply the information provided by the test for the benefit of my clients.

The test has an overwhelming importance when it comes to design nutritional interventions for people with multiple food intolerances and digestive problems due to endocrine diseases.
For instance avoiding the alterations of parathyroid hormone levels by choosing the appropriate form of vitamin D.
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