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The Advanced NGx test is designed to assess your individual nutritional needs according to your genetic background.

1) Saliva is obtained and stored in a tube containing a dedicated preservative. This sample is then shipped to a CLIA and CAP accredited laboratory.

2) Genomic DNA is extracted from saliva using standard methods. The DNA quality is then checked using either NanoDrop, Qubit, or other methods suitable for ensuring that extracted DNA has the quality required for sequencing. Only those samples that pass the quality criteria are sequenced further.

3) The DNA is sequenced using the Ion Torrent technology. A Next Generation Sequencing library, designed using the Ion AmpliSeq Designer, and consisting of 335 amplicons is used to identify up to 387 genetic variations in up to 99 genes. After alignment to reference genome GRCh37.p12 (hg19), low quality and duplicate reads are removed and variants are detected using the Ion Reporter software. The Advanced NGx test detects single nucleotide polymorphisms and small insertions and deletions with a reportable sequencing depth of >20X. The targeted coverage is 100X, with most samples having an average coverage of above 1000X.

4) The genotypes identified are used by Advanced Nutrigenomics to generate a report containing nutrition-related, actionable advice using 73 genes, while 26 genes related to disease risk are included in a screening report. The algorithm used for nutrition assessment makes use of the latest published studies and involves genotype, haplotype, and gene-gene interactions analyses.